There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time. The game of golf has a long and noted history and if you’re a fan of the game, you may want to own some of that history yourself. While there are plenty of golf collectibles and memorabilia about, owning antique golf clubs and shafts puts that history right in your hands. That’s not to mention giving you something to show off around the golf club. For skilled and longtime golfers out there, playing with a vintage iron or putter can present a refreshing new challenge in your favourite past-time, as the style of club and feeling is quite different to the modern game. Given their antique and vintage nature, there are various features and factors concerning antique golf clubs you should keep in mind.

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In , A. Reach, sporting goods companies, and put itself in an almost monopolistic position to profit from that trend in U. And back in the days when the golfer was viewed with scornful alarm, Julian W. Curtiss, former president of Spalding who died in , visited London, learned golf, returned with the clubs and balls from which resulted the manufacture of early U.

This article was written by Peter Stevens for golflink.

The creation of the Tourney series of clubs (with four choices of shaft flexes), Eye-​O-Matric woods, the Pro Peel steel shaft and ceramic-face irons keep MacGregor​.

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This is a photo took in In June I read with great interest Ian Crowe’s theory regarding their origin. This link provides details.

This article focuses on the category of wood-shafted, or hickory golf clubs. Old wooden clubs with long, narrow heads are good. These days, the majority of newly found clubs turning up for sale date from the s and early s, a great.

Like many collectors of golf memorabilia, David Levine, a Long Island-based real estate developer, passionately collects equipment that outfitted golfers in the lateth and earlyth centuries, the period when the “Scottish game” emigrated to America from its sandy “links land” home on Scotland’s east coast. Ironically, today’s technology titanium shafts and huge clubheads has not helped golfers appreciably lower their scores. Levine notes that hickory-shafted woods and irons “got the job done” for players through the s.

Items that once filled clubhouses and stocked sporting-goods stores may now be quite rare. For example, hickory-shafted clubs, mass produced by MacGregor and Spalding, were often cut down to fit young people learning the game. Says Levine, “It’s all about how many survived. Or you might not see a single one. For information, go to golfcollectors. Achieving par is a constant challenge, but there is an abundance of golf memorabilia on the market to make collecting a winning game. Above: Earlyth-century golf bags were usually slimmer and more pared down than those used today.


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As a would-be collector, there are endless articles in the press about what is collectable and what is not.

A Vintage Golf Club Display. Twelve clubs dating – Dec 19, | Heritage Auctions in CA. LiveAuctioneers. More information. A Vintage Golf.

The secondary market for selling used golf clubs can be confusing and overwhelming. With hundreds of sites promising to help, how can you know that the site you are using is trustworthy and will provide prompt payment once your old clubs sell? A site boasting over 50, clubs for sale with a day Play Guarantee, 2nd Swing is a reliable website to sell or trade-in your old golf clubs. You ship the clubs to the company, they evaluate the clubs and then make two offers.

The second offer is what they will pay in cash for your club. GolfWRX is an expansive golf site that provides up-to-date golf news, equipment reviews and instructional videos for improving your game. The information-centric golf site also hosts a forum for re-selling used clubs. While the site does have a lot of traffic, the process to get your clubs listed may rob you of all your energy and excitement. The most popular auction site on the internet is a hotbed for selling used golf clubs.

On a positive note, all that attention does bring a ton of inventory to search through. For example, a recent search for drivers brought up over 85, listings.

Value of Antique Golf Clubs

Those old golf clubs banished to your basement or garage aren’t really golf clubs. Sure, they have a grip, shaft and head, but the moment they started gathering dust, they became something else: a gift card toward your next purchase. The idea of trade-ins might be foreign to many golfers, but they bring American-dollar value. That TaylorMade r7 driver you bought two years ago? Clubs don’t have to be recent to be worth something, either.

That’s right: Two.

For example, I came across someone selling ping irons for $ (as seen below).​.. pretty darn good, even though they were a few years old! Golf clubs on.

Family-Owned and Operated since Palos Hills, IL Call Us Today! Antique and Collectible Golf Clubs The history of golf is a long and storied past, which includes serious innovation in the sport. Collecting these valuable pieces of history is an interesting pastime and also increases your own knowledge of the sport. Our professionals authenticate what you are purchasing before we sell it to you. Check out our vast selection of collectibles when you visit our store in Southwest Chicago.

Rare and remarkable golf clubs are always fun to collect whether you are starting off new or adding to an existing collection. From limited-edition Tiger Woods putters to player-direct memorabilia, there is something for every preference. If there is a collectible you want us to keep in mind, our team will try to find it for you.

Antique and Vintage Golf Clubs

If you are a golfer, you may have a lot of money lying around in your garage or attic. Golf equipment is no different from furniture, rare wine and Chinese porcelain: old is often better then new—and a lot more valuable. Many clubs produced as recently as the s and ’60s are considered “classics. Trading in such clubs is a hot new game, and if you want to hit it big, now is the time to take a look at any clubs you may have stashed away.

Some of them—especially if they’re of a certain model made by MacGregor—have turned out to be excellent hedges against inflation.

Like wine or antiques, classic and vintage golf clubs can appreciate in value over for example, is often not difficult, precisely dating them is much more difficult.

Canby, a true entrepreneur, envisions brining golf to the masses. Soon, the wooden shoe form factory is converted to compete in the booming golf industry and beings mass-producing wooden club heads and hickory shafts. It first renamed J. MacGregor and then simply MacGregor Golf. A powerhouse is born. Sensing not just the excitement of a new century, but also the explosion in golfs popularity, MacGregor adds steel-forging facilities to its factory. MacGregor begins producing iron club heads and complete sets.

MacGregor introduces the first set of finished clubs with steel shafts. Prior to the use of chrome, steel shafts are disguised with a pale-green celluloid laminate to resemble wood, appealing to even the most sceptical golfers. MacGregor makes handshake deals with three promising tour players — Ben Hogan, Byron Nelson and Jimmy Demaret — beginning the long tradition of professional greats and legends using MacGregor clubs and equipment. After the war, growth is so rapid, MacGregor upgrades twice to bigger facilities.

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There was this antique store with golf clubs in the window. I had to have them, so packed them up and took them home. When I saw Jones on there, I wasn’t sure if it was Robert Jones, Bobby Jones, really who he was at the time, but old wood golf clubs look cool on a wall. The explosion of golf occurred in the early s, thanks to Harry Vardon and then Francis Ouimet, who won the U. Open against Harry Vardon.

From irons to drivers, learn the history and evolution of TaylorMade models over the years. Check out detailed product specs for each golf club set by year.

By Kris Hart. B uying new clubs is not always the right decision especially if you are a millennial golfer on a budget or someone who is new to the game. Recently, I was cleaning out my garage and decided to sell some of my old golf clubs online and was amazed to see the number of places where you can buy and sell used clubs.

Note that this list is in no particular order and I do not have a bias towards any of these companies. Craigslist — I would not recommend Craigslist if you are searching for specific clubs given the limited selection, however, there are people selling [typically older] sets of golf clubs inexpensively on here. It may be worth checking out before other sites on the chance you get lucky and find someone who is moving and looking to sell a decent set.

As of July , they advertise having nearly 40, clubs for sale.

Golf Collectibles

Ricky M. I am looking for more information on my vintage Titleist by Acushnet set of irons 3-SW and Woods 1,3,4,5. In your “Previous Models” Section, the oldest set of irons are the “Finalist Forged Irons” , which look very similar. They are in remarkable shape, original shafts and grips, only slight wear. I bought them off an old man in Southern Illinois farm country because I’d never seen anything like them.

Questions: -Date of production -How many sets were produced?

Those old golf clubs banished to your basement or garage aren’t really seller of golf equipment with more than , user reviews to date).

Since the inception of the game of golf, players have continually tried to improve upon their equipment. The earliest golf clubs were initially carved by the golfer themselves and typically out of wood. Golfers soon turned to skilled craftsmen to produce higher quality equipment. These golf clubs were made up of wood with the shafts being made from ash or hazel and the club heads being made from tougher wood like apple, holly, beech or pear.

The club head would be connected to the shaft with a splint and then bound with a leather strap. The wooden clubs were expensive due to the time and effort that went into making them and they were prone to break. This high cost of the clubs made the game of golf an activity reserved for the higher class.

Club-makers experimented with different materials on the club face, such as leather, metal, bone fragments, and other materials to increase distance and prevent breakage. In Robert Forgan, a club-maker in Scotland, started to use imported hickory from America to make club shafts.